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Happy belated Valentine’s!

I fell behind on my posts…but all for a good reason. I took a small vacation to Chicago where I got to eat eat eat, relax and sight see. Chicago is such a great city. This was only my second time there but I definitely want to go back again. The people are just SO nice; they really take the time to talk to you and always have a friendly smile.

While I was there, my friend and I tried to hit up several restaurants in the area in the span of 72 hours. This is quite a task to do as your stomach can only handle so much. We tried a Cuban restaurant, a Russian tea place, a Mediterranean place, a chic bar, sandwich shop and a pizza shop. The Russian tea shop and bar were the highlights. I got to try a great house tea that has Darjeeling tea leaves. You prepare the tea with one cube of brown sugar, one slice of lemon and as you are sipping the tea, you put a cube of white sugar in your mouth. After trying half a plain sugar cube while sipping, I decided the flavor of the tea was much more enjoyable without the extra sugar.

At the chic bar called the Drawing Room, we enjoyed a cocktail and fresh creme brulee. We also saw a couple get engaged (it was Valentine’s weekend after all). Speaking of love, I brought back a frozen heart-shaped pizza for my fiancee. He recommended a pizza place for us to try in Chicago (as he had spent many months there for work) and I decided to bring him a pizza  [my] heart when I returned to him on Sunday evening. Here are some random snapshots of the last few days.

Mmm pepperoni pizza.
Russian tea and Napoleon cake
It wasn’t that good 😉
Brunch at the Bongo Room
A giant Marilyn Monroe statue!
More dessert!
The wonderful cheese that Daniel surprised me with for Vday. It’s from Wisconsin!!!
My rooster chalkboard welcoming me home :).

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