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Weekend Recap 2/26/12

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend. I can’t believe February is on the brink of being over with March just around the corner. I continue to plan my weekends out for the rest of the year, I find myself not having very much down time at all but I’m not complaining. It’s a lot of fun stuff that is coming up!

This weekend we did quite a few things:

– We enjoyed the company of a new family member – a puppy! We took him out to the vet to get checked up and took him out to lunch with us.

– We checked out a ranch where we may be taking our engagement photos. There were so many beautiful horses there and a nice large area with tall grass for potential rustic photos.

– I went to a craft event at the local park. We made some really cute fabric flowers. I really enjoyed going to this event because I got to meet other crafters and go ooh and ahh over fabric and glue. I sat with a nice couple who were in the their late sixties. The husband was there to support his wife by cutting the fabric for her. He was so nice and a great crafter too. He made one of the best looking fabric flowers there. Here’s a how-to make fabric flowers guide.  Since I didn’t get a chance to take pictures as I made my flowers, I couldn’t make my own how-to guide but this one is pretty accurate.

You take your leftovers and you can make…


– I made breakfast for my coworkers for our weekly Monday breakfast meetings. I found a how-to make circular egg patties on Pinterest and decided to make bacon, egg, and cheese English muffin sandwiches. You simply spray your muffin pan with oil, crack the egg and pour into each cup and then bake at 350 degrees for 15 minutes.

Take this, then add cheese, bacon, sausage and bread and you get

this (Image borrowed from

– We explored Tuesday Morning. I’ve never been in this store but warning, if you go in, you will find things you don’t need but think you do. Put those wallets away before walking in. It’s a hoarders paradise.

– I watched the Oscars and Amazing Race. Each year I become more and more fascinated by the dresses and the speeches (at the Oscars) and for the Amazing Race, I’m fascinated by the new tasks they have to take on as well the things that can bring people to tears. Here’s a fun short animated film from the Oscars. Really, another reason why I watch so I can see the stuff that doesn’t hit mainstream theater.

Here’s to another week!


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  1. I’m a stay at home mom but when I go Back to work … I wanna work with you! Hope your coworkers know how good they have it! 🙂


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