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Weekend recap 3/4/12

March is here! I can’t believe it. We’re only seven months away from the wedding. There are still many things to craft and prepare for the big day but the sunshine here has made that difficult. I don’t want to stay inside because it’s just too nice. Here’s a weekend recap:

– Daniel and I went line dancing at The Ranch in Anaheim. We ate a great dinner there (smoked chicken and crab cake sliders) and then danced the food off by learning a basic two-step and line dance to one of my fave songs – Firecracker.

– We took our dog Tirami to the dog park. It was his first time there (he’s only two months, it’s been his first time almost everywhere) and he was shy. He’s so sweet to other dogs, it’s really cute to see how he interacts with other dogs.

– My family came over to visit and they played with the puppy.

– Daniel and I went to the Great Park’s antique market. There are so many great things there, we just don’t have enough space for all of it!

GOAL: Need to take pictures of these weekend adventures!

One goal met – taking another picture for Feet First!

Beautiful day for a picnic in Newport Beach!


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