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Weekend Recap 3/11/12

Are we really almost halfway through March? Time has really flown by since I launched this new blog. This weekend was another action packed weekend. My awesome friend came to visit and we went to the House of Blues on Friday where we saw a great performance by Trevor Hall. Although this video is quite old, I started to send it to some friends to tell them about who I saw this weekend and they all said “I never imagined he would have that kind of voice.” Remember, never judge a book by its cover. What lies beneath may shock/amuse you.

After hanging in the Hollywood scene (which is totally different from my old hood of San Diego), we spent the next day lounging at the pool. Again, it’s still ‘winter’ and we are tanning pool side. Number one reason why I cannot leave California (southern, that is). After the pool festivities, I got crafty. Daniel and I were planning on taking our engagement photos on Sunday so I had to make sure all of our props were ready to go. Props included a picnic basket, blanket, large piece of burlap, several dresses, an old milk jug, a stitched piece of art and wooden signs. I had collected old pieces of panel wood from random places (like the street) and re-purposed them for wedding decor. Since we are country music fans, I wanted to include one of our favorite lyrics in our photos on the wood. It’s from Blake Shelton’s Honey Bee where he sings about how two people compliment each other.

Although the font didn’t come out the way I imagined it (in classical handwriting), I think my handwriting fit the theme of the session which is rustic country, not fancy elegant.

Our photo shoot was the focus of my Sunday. I was trying to get chores done, make some chili for work for our potato bar and Daniel wanted to make lunch for his family. He’s a great sous chef and this weekend, he was a sushi chef. He made us some rolls with dried pork, fish cakes, carrots and cucumbers.

Right after making lunch, we went to our fun photo shoot at the Huntington Beach Equestrian Center. I never knew directing a horse was difficult or that when they step on your toe, they are quite heavy… Luckily, I saved my toes and none were broken even though the large toe suffered a five second horse stomp. Our photographers were so great! They made the whole event really fun and they were great with incorporating my ideas into the photos (soft glowing light, horse, ranch, dirt areas, flowers). I can’t wait to see them! My face totally hurt after smiling for three hours. I hope I don’t have an awkward grin :D.


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