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14 Days of Valentine Fun

With this year being the first Valentine’s Day that we share as husband and wife, I thought it would be nice to do something a little extra. Daniel and I usually spend Valentine’s day cooking each other dinner (trading off every other year) and enjoying a special dessert. We don’t usually do the lavish gift giving; we just get each other a card. After going on Pinterest to find some fun v-day ideas to share with my colleagues, I stumbled upon a 14 days of valentine idea. I took some of those ideas, used them as they were shown and modified a couple of them. Here are the ones I did this year.

While it was tiring to shop and make the notes for each one, it was fun to hide them around the house and get text messages from Daniel that showed a lot of excitement! The other thing that was challenging about this project was the feeling that I got that I was giving him too much sugary goods. Try your own way to modify the ideas and make your sweetie something healthier šŸ™‚ By the way, I only have 13 goodies down there. The final thing I gave him on Valentine’s day was a card and a big hug. You just can’t capture that kind of stuff in a photo.










Egg-shaped toast.



Be careful! Heart-shaped carrots are quite the task!




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