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The holidays are almost here!!

One of my favorite times of the year – Halloween – has come and gone. As I slowly take down my decor and store away my costume, my mind is all ready on to other craft projects for the holiday season. I don’t usually decorate for Thanksgiving but I am considering it this year. There may be a future post about that… In the meantime, I wanted to showcase some of the things I did in our home for Halloween and also show how inexpensive it can be to make your home feel festive. Below are some photos from around the home:

This year Daniel and I decided to be Batman and Robin. He sported a pretty cool Batman shirt (with a cape). He made it easy by finding one at a local store. I on the other hand decided to create the entire costume like the one I’ve seen at Party City. I purchased some green silk fabric, a red shirt, and some felt. About two hours later and a lot of contemplating on how to sew something so that it doesn’t appear inside out, I created this outfit. It was a lot of fun being a superhero at work. In total, my costume cost about $16.

This was one of my first projects for this year’s Halloween decor. I learned how to make a yarn wreath with one of my friends last year for Valentine’s Day. My goal is to create a wreath for each holiday of the year. This one took me about an hour and a half. It’s always great to pop in a movie when making a wreath as stringing the yarn around the foam takes a while. The best part is trying to figure out where to place all of your little pieces onto the wreath. In total, this project cost me about $10.

This is my kitchen. This is where we had a full spread for our Halloween party. I decided to go with a chili dog bar so that everyone can build their own dogs. Although I don’t encourage eating a lot of hot dogs, I think it’s a great thing to serve when you are trying to feed about 25 people. On the island I was able to put out different little Halloween decor such as spiderwebs over plastic tablecloths and a couple other little things I found from the dollar store. I added some dimension on the island was by hiding some books underneath the tablecloth so that some plates stood a little bit higher than the others. Another thing that I did was put some fun labels on the condiment bottles. For instance, the ketchup said cyanide and mustard said crushed beetles.

This is a prosciutto appetizer dish that I found on Pinterest. While I was wrapping the prosciutto around the plastic skull, I did begin to get a gagging feeling. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to eat any of the meat after finishing the whole thing. He was quite a hit and people kept eating his face. Barf.

This next photo and the photo below show just a bit of decor that I put inside of the bathroom. I didn’t want to go overboard in a room that not many people were going to hang out inside of. The picture frames were a dollar a piece and I found the images on Pinterest. As for the decor that’s inside of the big bell jar, I found the skull and the bird at the dollar store as well and the large skeleton board. Then I bought some mini skulls and Halloween colored ornaments to put inside of a bowl. In total, it cost me about eight dollars to decorate the bathroom. The one thing that was a tad expensive in my bathroom was the pumpkin spiced soap. But I had to have it because the soap fit perfectly with the whole theme!!


This is an old chalkboard from our wedding that I up cycled to put outside to let the guests know to take off their shoes.

This large cauldron was probably one of the most expensive things I purchased this Halloween. It was $16 and I wanted to put some drinks inside of it and make it smoky. Daniel didn’t want me to play with some dry ice so instead I just put a picture of sangria inside of it with a ladle and guests were able to scoop it into little goblets. Inside of the goblets I put some lychee with blueberry eyeballs to make it look like floating eyes.

This is our TV area. I wish I had a fireplace mantle but for now my shelf will do. I put some cool spiderweb cloth over it and then I cut out little paper bats to put above the TV. This decor is very subtle but I think it really changes the space. The cost was about three dollars just for the cloth. I already owned everything else.

This is one of the coolest finds that I found while on my shopping adventures. I found these two glittered pumpkins from Target for a dollar a piece. I took them home and then I taped them to the top of two candlesticks that I bought from the dollar tree. I also bought the little black cauldrons in a package of six and a tapered candle to make a bleeding candle in my wine bottle for two dollars. In total, this cost me six dollars. I didn’t glue the pumpkins to the candlesticks because I want to be able to repurpose my candlesticks for something later this holiday season.

And this is the view from my corridor that is outside of our front door. It’s really the only space that I have to decorate outside of my home. I bought two tombstones from the dollar tree and then I put my little ghost that I had purchased last year. The newest thing in this hallway is the doormat. In total, everything in this hallway cost me $14 minus the wreath.

I can’t wait to bring everything back out next October and continue to craft new items to add to our Halloween collection. I’m really going to need a public storage facility to house all of my things as my garage can no longer hold any more decorations that I have.


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  1. Such a bummer I missed the partay!


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