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Dog-it-yourself Valentine’s Gift for Your Pup

Happy Valentine’s Day weekend everyone! Hope you’ve enjoyed the weekend with the company of your friends, family, or furry family members. Earlier this week I wanted to make a present for my dog/foster dogs. Since one of our fosters scratched up the extra dog bed we had, I decided I wanted to make a simple bed that wouldn’t cost the same amount as a pet store bed. This dog-it-yourself project costs just about $11! Make sure you wait for the plush fabric to be on sale at $5-6 a yard.

1.5 yards of plush fabric
One standards pillow

Fabric scissors


Step one: Layout your supplies on a flat area (like the floor).

Step two: Allow your pet to rest on the supplies.

Step three: Allow your other pet to rest on the supplies. (Roll your eyes and then decide to put them behind the baby gate so you can get some work done!)


Step four: Cut 2-3 inch squares at each corner where the corner of the square meets the corner of the pillow.

Step five: Cut one inch strips that are two inches in length towards the pillow. The strips are about two fingers apart. Do this all around the pillow.

Step six: Lift one side of the fabric and then insert the pillow. Make sure the pillow is right in the middle. Then you can begin to tie the strands together. You will need to tie two knots per strand. Make sure you have a somewhat tight tension so that it’s not too loose because the pillow will be exposed. The picture below will show you what each knot looks like.


Step seven: All done! Let your little one rest on it! They will love it!


Happy Valentine’s Day weekend!



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