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Can Women Do It All?

I have been tasked by a few friends at work to read “Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead” by this Saturday so I can join their book club discussion. This gives me less than 72 hours to read 240 pages. While I’m quite the fast-paced reader, I’m not sure if I can meet this goal but I will try my best. This lead me to think about this ever so popular question – can women do it all? On the drive home daily, I run through a list of to-dos in my head. Gym. Check. Walk the dogs. Check. Pick up groceries. Check. Check your email. Check. Check off your check list. Check. On and on my mind goes and then sometimes I ask “Why are you trying to juggle everything? Can’t you just sit at home and relax?” NO. That would mean I’m failing…but who is grading me anyway? No one but myself (and the other awesome stay at home women bloggers). I imagine that those women are judging me because they can juggle it all. They can be the awesome stay at home mom who blogs, cooks, post beautiful pictures on their Instagram, Facebook and websites, make their children everything from scratch and are the most amazingly, fit trophy wives. Thank goodness for Yahoo and their brilliant, down-to-earth women writers for finally talking some sense into me. No, women can’t do it all. Stop trying to be that super-mom or super-woman, just be that super-you. Do what you want, not what others ask of you. Put yourself first. Your sanity will thank you. Read this short article titled “Why ‘Super-Mom’ Stopped Trying to be Perfect” and it makes sense. You’re human, you’re allowed to make mistakes and color outside the lines. I’m going to take this writer’s quote to heart but make some edits of my own:

“I want to slow down, and not try to cross all these things off of my list, and not worry about the dishes piling up in the sink,” said Cindy Williams, a wife to an amazing husband and one little fluffy pooch mother of two. “I just want to enjoy whatever is going on in the moment with my small but mighty family kids.”

So does this mean I won’t force myself to meet this deadline this Saturday? No. I’ll do it and I’ll keep doing what I’m doing which is cooking, cleaning, trying to start my own business, blog, craft, see friends and more but I now know I can to slow down if I need to. I can learn to say no and choose to sit at home, watch TV and relax with my husband by my side if I want to. I have to remember that there is no deadline on everything that I do and that my life is my own and I don’t have to be a super-wife/friend/daughter/employee/future mom.

See you later checklist!